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Luminarts Cultural Foundation Ambassador Award

$2,500 awards in support of Luminarts Fellows being ambassadors for the Luminarts Cultural Foundation beyond the Chicago region.

The Luminarts Cultural Foundation will accept funding proposals from Luminarts Fellows who have significant projects (performances, exhibitions, readings, etc.) in major markets outside of the Chicago area whereby they will highlight the Luminarts Cultural Foundation’s support in tandem with their outstanding talent.

While the available funds should be of benefit to the Luminarts Fellow, a primary goal of this funding is to raise awareness of the Luminarts Cultural Foundation outside of the Chicago region. In accordance with this, awards will be distributed based on the following criteria:

Ambassador Guidelines

· Location of the Luminarts Fellow's project

· Anticipated number in attendance at event

· Anticipated marketing/media for the event

· Luminarts prominence in event materials

· Luminarts prominence in promotion and media

· The use of social media to promote the project and the Luminarts Cultural Foundation and the potential number of people reached


Luminarts' Expectations for all Project Grant Awardees

A project report including a brief summary of the project’s execution along with copies of all marketing materials, press releases, media coverage, social media postings, and video coverage of the project will be required.

The application can be found on the Luminarts website and applications need to be received at least 10 weeks prior to the project. Accepted proposals will be funded at 50% upon notice of approval of the application with the remaining 50% distributed when the project report is submitted and reviewed.

The grant does not apply to the $10,000 Fellows can review after their initial Fellowship award and you can apply anytime independent of the project grant cycle. Luminarts will try to review applications three weeks after submission.

Luminarts is committed to ensuring equity within its programs and welcomes applicants, artists, audience members, and supporters regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, class, religion, sexual orientation, or citizenship status.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.