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Luminarts has recently made revisions to the application process for Project Grants. Please read the information below.

About the Project Grant Program

Luminarts Fellows are encouraged to apply for funding of projects that break new ground artistically, professionally, and personally. While Project Grants aim to support a broad and diverse scope of career development opportunities for Fellows, Project Grant proposals are strongest when they demonstrate a significant and pivotal impact both on the individual Fellow and on the community level in the Chicago area. Applying for a project grant is a competitive process and not all applicants are necessarily funded.


Applications must be submitted in full by March 15, 2024 at 11:59 PM. Fellows will be notified on or before May 1, 2024 about the status of their application.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Applicants must be designated a Luminarts Fellow
  • While applicants are not required to live in the Chicago area, they must be able to demonstrate how the funded opportunity will directly benefit Chicago
  • Applicants may request funding up to $5,000.  The request cannot exceed 50% of the total project cost/budget.
  • All funding granted must be spent and accounted for within one (1) year from the date awarded.
  • Fellows can receive Project Grant funding only one time per 12 month period. So, if you received a Project Grant on the October 15, 2023 deadline, you are not eligible for the March 15, 2024 deadline.
  • Fellows can receive project grant support totaling up to $15,000 within 10 years of being named a Fellow.
  • All Project Grant awardees will be required to submit a short written report and documentation (photos, videos, and/or testimonials from participants) within one year of signing their Grant Agreement. It is intended that Project Grants are fully carried out within one year from receiving funding.

Please note that meeting with Luminarts staff prior to submitting an application is not required. However, applicants are welcome to contact Alex Benjamin, Program Director, at alex@luminarts.org with any questions they may have.

General Guidelines

While these grants may be used for a broad array of career development opportunities and community impact projects, applicants must demonstrate how the funding will achieve the artist’s professional and community goals, and how the funded experience will in turn benefit the greater Chicago community.

Projects need not be fully “fleshed out” with complete timelines and confirmed venues, but it must be clear to the review panel that it will be possible for the applicant to complete the project within one year of receiving funding including. Projects are more likely to be funded when they exhibit: 1) other funding sources that are already confirmed or highly likely; 2) a well-thought-out timeline with dates/date ranges, equipment, personnel, and venues in mind or already confirmed, if applicable; 3) clear connection between the applicant’s goal for the project and the plan for execution.

The Luminarts Cultural Foundation has the expectation that all Fellows who are awarded project grant funding will highlight the Foundation's contribution through any marketing and/or PR materials that may be connected with the project. Fellows are also encouraged to consider how their project might be beneficial to other emerging artists and Fellows.

Please see application form for more specific guidelines on sections of the application.


Luminarts is committed to ensuring equity within its programs and welcomes applicants, artists, audience members, and supporters regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, class, religion, sexual orientation, or citizenship status.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.