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Luminarts has recently made revisions to the application process for Project Grants. Please read the information below.

Before Submitting Your Application

Luminarts Fellows are encouraged to apply for funding of projects that break new ground artistically, professionally, and personally. While Project Grants aim to support a broad and diverse scope of career development opportunities for Fellows, Project Grant proposals are strongest when they demonstrate a significant and pivotal impact on the individual Fellow and their career trajectory in the arts. The Review Committee also takes into account if the project addresses relevant social issues and its potential impact on the community.

In addition, Fellows who have not yet applied for a project grant in the past must contact Luminarts’ Executive Director, Jason Kalajainen prior to submitting a project grant proposal; to discuss the project in detail, the budget, and ask any questions that may increase the quality and overall impact of the project being proposed. A link will be sent out prior to March 15 to schedule a time to chat with Jason. Fellows are asked to schedule the meeting no later than February 10, 2021 for the March 15 application deadline. Dates to talk to Jason will be available towards the end of February. If you have previously applied for a project grant you are not required to schedule a meeting with Jason prior to your submission.  At the completion of your project you will be required to schedule a summary meeting with Luminarts' Associate Director, Leslie Haviland.

Please note that Luminarts Fellows are eligible to receive Project Grant funding only one time per 12 month period.

The next deadline for Fellow Project Grants is March 15, 2022. Fellows will be notified three to four weeks after the deadline regarding the status of their proposal. For proposals that have been approved for funding, grant checks will be issued within three weeks after being notified that the project has been funded.

While these grants may be used for a broad array of career development opportunities, applicants must demonstrate how the funding will support this development, and how the funded experience will in turn benefit the Chicago community. Luminarts Fellows, including first- and second-place award recipients as of 2010, are eligible to apply for Project Grants.  

Project Grant Guidelines

  • Applicants must be designated a Luminarts Fellow (or have been a 1st or 2nd place winner in a Foundation competition since 2010)
  • While applicants are not required to live in the Chicago area, they must be able to demonstrate how the funded opportunity will directly benefit Chicago
  • Applicant requests for funding may not exceed $2,500 and the total request may be no more than 50% of the total project expenditure
  • All funding granted must be spent and accounted for within one (1) year from the date awarded.
  • Fellows can receive project grant support totaling up to $5,000 within 10 years of being named a Fellow.

Luminarts' Expectations for all Project Grant Awardees

The Luminarts Cultural Foundation has the expectation that all Fellows who are awarded project grant funding will highlight the Foundation's contribution through any marketing and/or PR materials that may be connected with the project. Fellows are encouraged to contact the Foundation with questions regarding marketing and PR expectations. Fellows are also encouraged to consider how their project might be beneficial to other emerging artists and Fellows.

Luminarts requests that any photos, recordings, and video footage regarding funded projects be shared with the Foundation.

For more information about Project Grants please contact the Foundation at info@luminarts.org or at 312-435-5961. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.